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Eric Kripke: Here, so watch this visual effects shot.
Ben Edlund: Yeah, this is amazing!
Eric Kripke: Watch this. Visual effects shot right there. See: he puts down one glass, he picks up another glass. That is a physical impossibility in the real world.
Ben Edlund: Yeah.
Eric Kripke: And it’s the perfect example of, um, of a visual effect that’s about subtlety.
Ben Edlund: Story and not showy James Cameron kinda stuff.
Eric Kripke: If the glasses were floating… (both laugh)
- 5.04 ‘The End’ DVD Commentary

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Psych re-watch tonight!


PsychRewatch is holding a special re-watch event tonight. Pull out those DVDs, or turn on netflix and join in!

Starting at 9/8C, with “If You’re So Smart Then Why Are You Dead?” followed by “Rob-a-Bye Baby” at 10/9C. Dule Hill and Tim Meltreger will both be joining the re-watch via twitter, so you can tweet at them about the episodes! For more info, go here.

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After heavy demand, here is the video for Dylan O’Brien at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

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